Goodbye G5

One nerdy ass ode to the only computer mouse that has gotten me through 5 years of gaming addiction:

I remember when you were on sale for $35; I had just gotten my first job, and I was hella into Counter Strike. My piece of crap Sunbeam mouse had been accumulating the greasy oils of McDonald's for far too long. I had just built my first computer ever, and I needed my right hand accessory to keep up with the movements I wanted to do.

Oblivion called; Diablo 2 called; CSS called. You were the only mouse I had my eyes set on -- full of laser technology and gratuitous DPI. I thank you for all the years of service you have given to me. All of the Mephisto's that were slain by your left click. All of the Mudcrabs that were ruthlessly gashed, and all of the n00bs on Counter Strike that never stood a chance.

Logitech you have made one hell of a mouse, and here's a picture for your G5's tombstone. RIP.