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For as long as I can remember, I've always done things at the last moment.. Homework, tests, chores, jobs, applications, work -- anything that had any remote importance in my life always took a backseat burner until I decided to stop being a lazy asshole about it.

I'm not entirely sure where my procrastination originates from, but I know many of you have the exact same problem I do. Fortunately, I've so far been able to scrape by by doing the bare minimum. But I want to change.. I want to work hard, play hard, and not just on the weekends. Procrastination is one of my biggest weaknesses, and I don't want it to consume my life any further.

I need to approach each day as part of a longer journey, not just an ephemeral work bender. In the long run, small amounts of work each day ensures better quality of work, as well as a less stressful life. Slow and steady wins the race, and I am the fattest, laziest turtle out there. Patience and discipline my friends -- that is what I need.


Wolf of Silicon Valley

If you haven't seen Wolf of Wall Street, then you should stop reading and go see that movie right now. Admittedly, it glorifies the rockstar lifestyle: money, drugs, sex. However, Jordan Belfort portrays a self-destructive entrepreneur who has a thrilling life story.

After watching Belfort's motivational interview (post incarceration), I am inspired. There are 4 pillars of success:

  1. Vision - This is not just a goal. This is what you see the future world to be like. You must see it, smell it, even drool over it.. That is vision.
  2. Empowering Beliefs - Self belief. Self confidence. The past is irrelevant; you are who you are, and you possess the skills you have in the present.
  3. Managing your State - Certainty, Clarity, Courage. Match your mental and physical state with the situation at hand. Know your audience and raise your standards when necessary.
  4. Strategy - "Every battle is won before it even begins." Sun Tzu. Having a strategy is vital for success. You need to have a complete understanding of the job, game, whatever it may be.

You need all 4 pillars to succeed -- missing one of these will not suffice, since all of these beliefs are interconnected with straight desire. These don't even have to be applied to business; these are pillars for success in any area of life. Let's get started.

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2014: Year of Me

Short list of 2014 goals for me (no particular order).. because I love myself.

  • Bartender's license
  • Tattoo on upper shoulder
  • Pierce my left ear like Scotty Pippen
  • Finish 3 self-help books
  • Starbuck's Gold Card
  • No more Adderall
  • Volunteer at Animal Shelter
  • Learn the Ukulele
  • Origami
  • Longboarding: learn how to slide on switch comfortably
  • Keep track of my monthly charges
  • Work out like I did in Texas
  • Write my Twitter bot
  • Coachella Weekend 1
  • Low stakes Poker
  • Sports Analysis Blog
  • Photoshop/Design
  • Hip-hop/Trap Production via Fruity Loops
  • Data Mining
  • Putting myself as a top priority

Why I Love Vacations


This is going to sound very hypocritical from one of my previous posts, but I need to readjust my viewpoints. Vacations are all about meeting new, cool motherfuckas (people). I cannot express how entertaining, enchanting, heart-warming, awesome, dope my last vacation was because there is nothing like meeting new people, especially mutual friends.

From Pittsburgh -> Richmond -> Hampton -> NYC with love, my vacation has really allowed me forget about all the necessities and hard work involved in The Grind. Vacations allow me to take that crucial step back from the working world and realize that there is more to life than just progressing your career. Admittedly, it would be nice to make some guap in the future, but it's also mentally and physically vital to maintain your relationships outside of work, something that Berkeley doesn't teach you at all.

After one fender-bender, one meal-a-day for a week straight, one amazing music festival (I love our family), one unforgettable, well maybe partially-forgotten New Years in NYC, I've made it back in one piece, and I am so stoked to see what I can do for myself in 2014.