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Ubuntu Edge Won't You Be Mine?

Ubuntu Edge: The biggest IndieGoGo project to this date needs another 28.5 million in order to succeed. It looks extremely unlikely, but this would be my goto, drop-my-iPhone 5-in-a-heartbeat phone. Screw the MacBook Air, I just need a single mobile device to accomplish all my needs.

I currently use Google Voice, so the ability to text/call from my computer/phone would never leave my pockets, but on top of that, I'll be switching carriers to an unlimited data plan (screw you AT&T), so the ability to access data from anywhere will be crucial to me.

I'm a developer -- the only operating system I can develop on is Linux/Ubuntu.. The days for Windows should be left to bigger desktop towers to render all my games.. Having the ability to morph from a mobile device to a developing platform, Ubuntu Edge is what I once dreamed about.

The nerdiest and geekiest phone. Say Goodbye to the days of Apple/Google Voice, Ubuntu Edge won't you be mine?