Wolf of Silicon Valley

If you haven't seen Wolf of Wall Street, then you should stop reading and go see that movie right now. Admittedly, it glorifies the rockstar lifestyle: money, drugs, sex. However, Jordan Belfort portrays a self-destructive entrepreneur who has a thrilling life story.

After watching Belfort's motivational interview (post incarceration), I am inspired. There are 4 pillars of success:

  1. Vision - This is not just a goal. This is what you see the future world to be like. You must see it, smell it, even drool over it.. That is vision.
  2. Empowering Beliefs - Self belief. Self confidence. The past is irrelevant; you are who you are, and you possess the skills you have in the present.
  3. Managing your State - Certainty, Clarity, Courage. Match your mental and physical state with the situation at hand. Know your audience and raise your standards when necessary.
  4. Strategy - "Every battle is won before it even begins." Sun Tzu. Having a strategy is vital for success. You need to have a complete understanding of the job, game, whatever it may be.

You need all 4 pillars to succeed -- missing one of these will not suffice, since all of these beliefs are interconnected with straight desire. These don't even have to be applied to business; these are pillars for success in any area of life. Let's get started.