Less Money, a Shit-ton of Problems

"Mo money, mo problems" -- Pretty much everyone who is affluent has this as their life motto. It's almost as if they've achieved happiness through being broke as hell. If this is you, I really really do congratulate you. I'm still trying to find happiness in my life, but do whatever makes you happy. At the end of day, you're the only person who can make yourself happy.

But back to the point, I've got about a month's rent left in California, and I'm a recent UC Berkeley EECS graduate.. It should be easy to find a job.. right?? Having no money sucks, I can't do whatever I want, but on top of that, the world takes no mercy. The recent fender bender I got into -- if the victims file a claim against me, I could be filing bankruptcy real soon.. at the promising age of 21..

Classic me: one step forward, three steps back. The world shows no mercy, but life moves on. Only I can change what I want to, and being poor is one of the few things I can control.

"Stop bitching, and fucking adapt." - Richard Sherman. Time to grow up.