Job Interviews

Well I just absolutely bombed my Google interview, but this has been a great lesson for me in terms of finding full-time employment.

  1. Learning the material is half the battle. Coding is the other half.
  2. It's all about the pseudocode.
  3. Get a good night's rest beforehand.. Not just 4 hours of nap time.
  4. Don't be afraid to ask questions, and always ask for coding examples.
  5. Practice, practice, practice, and then practice some more.
  6. Recursion is always the key.
  7. Don't just pray for success based on your resume. Get your shit together and become an expert.
  8. Anyone can code, but not everyone can become a computer scientist.
  9. Use your education to your advantage! It's important that you retain what you learned (drinking isn't the solution for everything).

Just some food for thought. Glad that's over with though.. Now I have a full syllabus of all potential interview topics for all potential employers!! Thanks, Google!

In the end, I'm only concerned with the opportunities I'm capable of. Next stop, start-up interviews! Fingers crossed (emoji).