24 Thoughts

In celebration of 24... 24 thoughts for the memory and internet bank.

  1. Your wisdom and knowledge is effervescent. Instill wisdom without acting like a douche.
  2. Find your hobbies and passions and pursue them with no end.
  3. Being grateful and saying thanks is a universal language that all economic classes appreciate.
  4. Volunteering and helping friends out should be a motive, not a chore - we're all humans and deserve such respect.
  5. Finding time for yourself is as healing as it is peaceful.
  6. Reserve your judgment of character until you know the whole situation.
  7. Your moral compass and character shift so fast that what you believe this week, might not be what you believe next. (See 20 year old me vs. 24 year old me)
  8. Everything in moderation is the best thing you can do for your health.
  9. Surround yourself with people who are different and smarter (in many other fields) to grow infinitely.
  10. Everyone needs help sometimes - someone who is a psychopath criminal needs help, not punishment.
  11. Racism and sexism is very much alive in America today. Just because everything's politically correct now, doesn't mean these issues don't exist.
  12. Only an energy revolution will prevent this world from exhausting our natural resources and creating permanent climate change. We all need to reduce our carbon emissions by more than 80%.
  13. A timely apology with the right mindset can unburn your bridges.
  14. Do something new each day that your future self would appreciate. It doesn't have to be big.
  15. Communication is key (emoji). Assumptions lead you down a dark, quiet path.
  16. Your mental psyche is one of the biggest barriers to success. Find what makes you happy and keeps you motivated.
  17. Depression is the realest thing a human can ever experience. The extreme apathy on life can swallow you whole. If you're suffering, please talk to someone NOW.. Email me even!
  18. The Internet has a cruel, unrelenting soul and can be more harmful than it is helpful. Disconnecting from everything every once in awhile is one of the best things I've ever done.
  19. As life progresses, your free time and energy shrink drastically. Maximize and prioritize what's important in your life because it will move fast and you will have regrets.
  20. Partying is fun, but so is taking a walk and pursuing your interests. Addiction is an insanely fun downhill ride, with little support to bring you back up.
  21. Working too hard can also swallow you whole. Don't give up what you love for your career. There's plenty of other time to make money.
  22. We're all different, yet we're all human. All of us want to be respected, yet not all of us are respecting. Know your peers.
  23. Accept responsibility and move on, don't project your frustrations onto other people. Handle your business and learn from your mistakes.
  24. If everything else in your life fails, appreciate and reflect on the small things - like being able to breath and enjoy life in the 2000's.

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